About me

Hi, I’m Claudia Balthazar, a writer from New York City!

I love writing poetry, news articles, short stories and love notes…in that order. Currently, I freelance for numerous publications, focusing mainly on political and business news.

I’m Smart

I love to brag about my stint as a student journalist!

I am the 2009 recipient of the Dale R. Wright Scholarship, awarded to me through the New York City professional chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. The late Mr. Wright was the first to integrate the former New York World-Telegram Sun newsroom. He was honored with the 2016 NABJ Lifetime Achievement Award and two years before that, I became a co-winner for the NABJ Student Journalist of the Year Award.

In 2013, I attended the New York Women in Communications Foundation’s Matrix Awards as a scholarship recipient and in that same year, I was selected to be a Rising Ailes Apprentice; later renamed the Fox News Apprentice Program.

I’m a Trailblazer

After graduating Hofstra University, I spent my summer as a Carnegie-Knight News21 Fellow, becoming the first Hofstra student to do so. There, I worked in the famous Walter Cronkite newsroom at Arizona State University, where my main focus was on gun violence in urban Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

News21 homepage
Gunwars – Photo by Brendon Quester

I fell in love with the dream of becoming a writer when I was 15 years old, looking at the glass as half full, and am the first child of my immediate family to finish college. I am probably the first to also eat a cockroach.

I’m a Dreamer

My writing ambitions were confirmed when I became the Editor-in-Chief of my high school newspaper, Hillcrest High Lighter. My high school superlative? Most Likely to run a Media Conglomerate.

Most importantly, I plan to stick with writing even in the toughest times. Furthermore, I want to travel the world, through the web, and definitely by foot, plane, bus and boat, with the hopes that even when I cannot live to tell the story, my writing can.

Thank you, for coming this far.


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