Find Your Niche: Be a Travel Writer

Boing 747 London - Bangkok

Wiki Commons

To be or not to be a travel writer? That is the question.

I remember taking a journalism class for online news and learning the most important thing in this industry right now; finding your niche. I tried Politics, gun policy, dating life, world news, culture and even thought of business writing.

Then it hit me; my niche has to be something I already love. And being the travel enthusiast that I am, I thought it would be great to continue on that path. Continue to travel, just write along the way.

I’ve been to Italy, France, UK, Canada, the Dominican Republic and several states throughout America. Of course, I have a lot more on my bucket list.

But is travel writing really the path to take? I checked out Tim Leffel’s 7 Myths of Travel Writing and saw that it’s kind of the same path of being a starving artist. After all, I am working retail at this very moment, and waiting tables was something I thought about.

Yet, Lonely Planet gave me some hope on this journey because above all, I do want to see the world. Why not take the chance at being a travel writer?

Luckily, Oceans Campus has an internship program in South Africa that helps aspiring travel writers just like me. Imagine learning the skills of being a travel writer while discovering some of the prettiest parts of wild Africa?


Wiki Commons

We’ll discover all of that later. In the meantime, I’ll start right here in my own backyard; New York City. I’ll just pay $2.75 for a Subway ride into the concrete jungle and let you take a look at this beautiful beast through my camera lens and digital words.

Stay tuned.

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