Flash Back Friday: EF Tours Trip to UK, France and Italy


Eiffel Tower/France 2010/@CQBalthazar

My travel enthusiastic spirit started long ago when I was just 16 years old. It was my junior year, and I learned that the Humanities Institute at Hillcrest High School was planning an EF Tours trip.

I wanted so badly to go, but I had no money. The school spent a year fundraising and I was blessed to receive a $1,000 scholarship to fund half of the trip. But what about the rest? I took a summer job at a fast food joint where I worked hard enough to come up with some of the remaining costs, then my family did the rest for me.

The perfect thing about all of this? EF Tours is extremely affordable. With one payment, you can travel to at least three different countries. And the best thing about this is that the tour guide is included, as well as all transportation, lodging and some meals and excursions.


London Eye/UK 2010/@CQBalthazar

We went to London, where I toured the Buckingham Palace shopping places, watched one of those guards make no facial expressions, and wobbled with fear on the London Eye.

Then we went to Paris where I made it to the very top of the Eiffel Tower, ate the best food France had to offer, and saw what the “Mona Lisa” really looked like at the Louvre. “Wow, it’s so small!! And so far away. And, no she is not smiling at me!”


Roman Empire Ruins/Italy 2010/@CQBalthazar

Next, we hit Rome, where we explored the ruins of the Roman Empire, checked out amazing sculptures, and even went to The Vatican. “No short skirts, flip flops, or spaghetti straps please!” Sadly, I did not see the Pope. But I think I saw some dead ones. Well, their tombs at least.

There was also a stop in Assisi where I learned about pottery and bought great souvenir pieces for my beloved family. Boy does time fly.

Although this was in high school, EF Tours also has a College Break section where people can still enjoy this type of fun while saving money. Don’t wait too long though. The cut off age is 28.

Check out more photos on Facebook.

Stay tuned for ways to fund your trips abroad.

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