Travel Local, Take a Dip in Your Own Backyard

central park

Central Park/USA 2016/@CQBalthazar

Traveling takes preparation, patience, time and effort. Oh, and let’s not forget the important part; money.

But what happens when that travel enthusiast is short on funds? Taking that flight to Rome isn’t so easy. Getting on that cruise to the Bahamas sounds impossible. And backpacking through Southeast Asia just sounds like a piped up dream.

Don’t fret my dear. You can keep the spirits high in your own backyard. The great thing about this is that you can save money along the way but still avoid looking at the four walls while waiting to get to that dream destination.

I’m from NYC and there’s a lot to offer right here. After all, it’s a big tourist destination and it costs just $2.75 to travel to several of the Big Apple’s hot spots.


Central Park/USA 2016/@CQBalthazar

Check out Central Park in the heart of Manhattan where there are always tons of adventures to explore. You might not be riding the waves in Australia but you can go paddling in a big safe pool. Take that you big mean sharks!


Emergency Shelter Crash Course @Central Park/USA 2016/@CQBalthazar

And while you’re waiting for that camp night in the Moroccan deserts, you can take a crash course on building emergency shelter. That way you could have fun right at home and prepare yourself for the bigger adventure.

Go on a local hiking trip with a friend, even if it means rock climbing at the local gym. It’s never good to sit at home and wonder what could be when you could actually be outside making memories.

Oh! Join Meet Up Groups and go for picnics and city excursions with some local new friends. You might just meet your future travel buddy. Let’s just hope they don’t snore once you get to that hostel in Peru!

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