Safe Travel, Travel with Family or a Tour Group


Infinity Pool at Riu Palace Hotels and Resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico Aug. 2016/@CQBalthazar

We all love to travel. Or like the idea of getting a way. But what happens when you’re afraid to go to a different country for fear of something irrational happening to you like a scene from Taken? You travel with family or a tour guide.

Safe travel with family

I traveled to Cabo with family and we stayed at a resort. One night we ventured out and went downtown to a few clubs like Mandala and Avaquinta. However, the guy who took us from the airport to the resort told us that this part of Mexico was one of the safest places to travel into town.

When traveling, with family or not, also make sure that you are in a safe place before leaving your hotel. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in a dangerous position. And no matter how hard you try. you still look like a tourist to locals, so always be mindful of your surroundings.

Travel Safe with a Tour Guide

In high school, I traveled with EF tours. There were a bunch of us and the travel agency took care of everything within the country like places to stay, eat and ways of transportation.

We were still warned to watch out for the gypsies in Paris and to keep our fanny packs guarded.

Remember to have fun, enjoy the scenery, see the world and always, always travel safe.

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