Millennial Stuff; The Beginning

Photo Credit: @CQBalthazar | Washington, D.C. | 04-14-2013

Huffington Post tells me that there are 24 things millennials need to get over. Usually I’m very defensive when I am being told about myself. But today, as part of growing up, I’ll take the high road and admit that there are lots of things that need changing. Specifically, within me.

The Quarter-Life Crisis

No. 5 says millennials need to get over the idea of feeling “so old” because we’re not that old. It is true. I am feeling old (and overwhelmed about it) because five years ago, I thought that I would need to have my sh*t together by the time I turn 25. Well, internet, I’ll be 25 in three months and I am nowhere near where I thought I would be.

Therefore, this quarter-life crisis can be so hard because there are so many things that I wanted, and felt that I should have by now. And since I do not have them, sometimes I feel like a failure. Sometimes I feel insecure like I will never get them. And other times I get back to reality and tell myself that I should not beat myself up, this is all just a part of the journey.

The Break Down

I want(ed) it all. I want(ed) everything; to travel the world; to learn Mandarin and teach English in China; or maybe Vietnam, or South Korea, or hey, Taiwan…wait, Thailand looks nice; Hold up, I should go to the motherland and take photos of lions; to be in a relationship; to be free to date around; to actually go cold turkey and be celibate for a few years; to forget about Chinese and actually learn Spanish or French because my family is Haitian and Puerto Rican; to perm my hair; no wait, to get dread locks; to be a writer with a very famous blog or video startup that everyone loved within the first three months of launching; to become vegan for more than a week; to stay home and save; to move out and be a grown ass woman; to switch careers and do something…different; to go to Law School; to maybe go to grad school for digital media; to just give up on this career stuff, get a job and get pregnant because, well, nothing else is working out anyway.

This all means I should also get over the idea of multi-tasking/doing too much. It just drains you and little bits and pieces of everything gets done instead of one or two big things that can really make an impact.

The Break Through

I’m thinking, maybe I should just change my perspective. Stick to one idea for longer than it takes me to get bored of it and see if it grows on me. Then take baby steps on this path, work harder and smarter because let’s face it, I do not need 10 hours of sleep each night. That’s just plain laziness.

Understand that changing your perspective is different from settling. Why on Earth should I feel so entitled to things anyway? Why do things have to work on my time?

Yes, the job market sucks right now but I will admit something today that will change my entire life:

I am where I am today because I did not try hard enough

That’s the first thing about changing; admitting some things that maybe we do not want to.

I must admit that I am very hardworking…when I want to be. A person with a purpose is hard working even when they don’t want to be. They have something that I need to develop; discipline.

So here I am, ready to get over this stereotypical millennial stuff. Ready to work hard “af” and put 110 percent into the next decisive choice I make, remembering that indecision is a decision.


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