[POETRY] Bards Annual Published my Work in the 2017 Annual Poetry Contest

claudia-balthazar-poetry                       Poetry is my first love.

I remember sitting on my bed as a teenager, writing poems about anger, curiosity of the world, and freedom. I later went on to perform in a spoken word group while in college and at café’s as a young adult.

One day, I strolled into a New York café in Nassau County to perform a few poems and the Poet Laureate told me about the annual Bards Initiative poetry contest.

And the rest is History

“Wish” is my first poem published in my adult life, although I wrote it when I was going through a major transition at the age of 19.

My first published poem was about my first little sister. I wrote it during my high school sophomore year winning second place in an art contest – back then, we did not do everything online so I do not have records of the poem today.

However, I remember that the poem was about me loving her so much despite not being happy about having a little sister at first because I was the “baby” of the family for 10 years – and I thought she would steal all of my attention. Instead, she stole my heart and later we had another little sister that stole everyone’s heart as well, and then two little beautiful nieces that made my heart even bigger.

Anyway, you can read all of the Bards Annual 2017 Winners at this link: Click Here.

Skip to pages 15 – 17 if you’re only interested in my words.

BTW, you get to decide what “Wish” is about in your own reflection



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