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[SPOILERS] Shameless Season 9 Episode 13 – Fiona Getting Her Life Back on Track, Lip a Father?

Watching Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) hit rock bottom just makes me wonder just how much alcoholism is a family trait rather than a conscious choice. That can be argued. The fact is that Fiona, for a spell, turned into her father Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy).

Bad Drunk

In the last Shameless episode, Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) kicked Fiona out of the house in order to force her into sobriety. He told her best friend Veronica “V” Ball (Shanola Hampton) to leave her on the streets if she really loved Fiona. To be fair, V does own a bar, so she would only be enabling her. However, the pettiness in me made me think: really Lip? You’re mad at Fiona when she took care of you when your shitty parents refused to? Oh! you forgot when you were pissing on walls and messed up your chances of being the first Gallagher to finish college? 

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[SPOILERS] True Detective Season 3 Finale, What happened to those little kids?

Black History Month is coming to an end and I want to give a major shout-out to my favorite actor, Mahershala Ali, who wowed me yet again, in his lead role as Detective Hays in HBO‘s True Detective.

Oscars 2019 

Update: Mahershala Ali won an Oscar for Supporting Actor in the film Green Book. Personally, I went to watch the movie in the theater and I loved every part of it. Despite my knowledge of black history, I had no idea what the Green Book meant.

True Detective

Ali plays a veteran ranger who spent his time mostly alone in the woods before spending most of his years as a detective. He watched his partner Roland West (Stephen Dorff) climb the ladder of success while he spent years on desk duty and being ignored despite his incredible skills. In the Purcell mystery case, West traveled through the woods with a full team and police dogs, searching for two missing children. But it was Hays’ intuition and skills that found the dead boy. West is white, Hays is black, and we know this story all too well.

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[SAMPLES] Real Estate, DIY Home Improvement, What is Reverse Mortgage?

Photo: Credit Wikimedia

Real estate is a booming market right now but it has not always been that way. In the past, the real estate market crashed, leaving many people to flee the business, and many others without a home. An Iowa Realtor talks about making it through the tough times in real estate when the market crashed, and when all odds were against a woman entering the male-dominated industry.

Realtor talks to the Grimes Journal about her real estate journey: Click Here

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