[SAMPLES] Real Estate, DIY Home Improvement, What is Reverse Mortgage?

Photo: Credit Wikimedia

Real estate is a booming market right now but it has not always been that way. In the past, the real estate market crashed, leaving many people to flee the business, and many others without a home. An Iowa Realtor talks about making it through the tough times in real estate when the market crashed, and when all odds were against a woman entering the male-dominated industry.

Realtor talks to the Grimes Journal about her real estate journey: Click Here

Reverse Mortgage

Real estate is not always about becoming a Realtor. On the other side of that, people have to make tough decisions about selling their homes.

Realtor and former nurse talks to Clive News about the bad and good reasons people sell their homes: Click Here

Mortgage Broker talks to the Austin Statesman about the benefits of reverse mortgage: Click Here (print pdf)

Home Renovations

When people want to remodel their homes for a new look, real estate meets construction. People live in their homes for years so home improvement can be by choice or by circumstance.

DIY home renovation story in the Austin Statesman: Click Here

Family-owned decorating business story in the Illinois Business Daily: Click Here

Illinois Business Daily names its Contractor of the Year: Click Here

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