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Millennials that Rock! YouTube Videos on These Rock Stars on Their Path to Greatness [WATCH]

rocksLife is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, a race (sometimes) and definitely a journey. Sometimes life is a race because you must not let too many opportunities pass you by; opportunities that might take a little extra work along the way – and some that might cause minor setbacks oddly enough.

We all fall down. But some of us get up. Be the person to get up and keep working on YOU like these three rock star millennials:

Liza, a 26-year-old rock star thriving at a publishing company, worked her way up from an assistant to a partner of an imprint. Be mindful though, that there is never a reason to sleep with the boss. Ever. Quit first if your feelings are that strong…and if they are mutual. Oh and Liza’s a 40-year-old fictional character in the TV Land series “Younger,” but definitely someone to look up to.

Cardi B, a 25-year-old Hip Hop star, worked her way up from an exotic dancer to an award winning artist. Remember to use those opportunities that come your way to the fullest potential like she did with her stint on the popular reality TV series “Love & Hip Hop.” Oh, and Cardi had a goal from the get-go, and she kept working at it for years…not months.

Claudia, a 24-year-old news writer, is still figuring it out. She is on her own path, making ends meet, while she writes for online publications on a daily basis. Oh, and Claudia is her biggest supporter and focuses on herself while working hard to write her future.