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TED Talk with Millennial Gives Gen Y’ers Inspiration

group_selfie_of_the_united_states_women27s_national_soccer_team_with_barack_obamaWhat’s the best formula for millennials to make it happen in the work place?

A millennial herself, Patrice Thompson, gives an 8-minute TED Talk about how companies can help bridge the gap between millennials and hard-working Gen X’ers, making it a better workplace for all.

The video is only eight minutes, so you know millennials can watch the whole thing LOL.

Anyway, Patrice, feeling a sense of pride after being the first person in her family to complete higher education, says she learned a lot from working in a multi-generational company, understanding that there are different ways to how Gen X and millennials think.

“At work we bring technological knowledge, new ideas, and knowledge of how to utilize existing networks and grow new networks effectively,” she said in the TED Talk. “Even though we are passionate, motivated, and keen to learn, I recognize the wisdom and experience that older generations bring.”

The three key things she learned from her Gen X coworkers are:

To be more patient, life is a marathon, it is not a sprint

To view every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow

And lastly, to try not to take things too personally

“Regardless of our generational differences, we all want the same thing,” Patrice admitted. “We all want the opportunity to be fairly compensated for our efforts, to have a greater work-life balance, and the opportunities to fulfill our potential.”

She went on to say that inter-generational conflicts are nothing new and that they surely aren’t going anywhere, so we need to learn to work together.

Thank you Patrice. For keeping it real.